Take Out

Dinners to Go, So You Don’t Have To 

You know the feeling. You and the family are enjoying the beach. You’re taking in the rays. The kids are having a blast building sand castles. But dinnertime is approaching and you need something to eat. Do you really have to put an end to the fun and head out to a restaurant? Not with the Concord Cafe! We’re one of the top take out restaurants in Avalon, offering delicious food you can conveniently take with you to the beach.

Your Answer to Take Out Near Me 

With our varied menus and tons of kid-friendly options, the Concord lets you keep enjoying your day while enjoying seriously delicious food. Every one of our dishes is available for lunch or dinners to go, so you can share a nice meal no matter where you are.  We truly are one of the best take out restaurants Cape May has to offer. We offer plenty of sandwich options that will stay safe to eat all day and excellent packing containers that will keep your hot meals hot. Your food will be packed with carefully labeled sauces, high-quality disposable cutlery and containers that are sure to stay upright. So, take it to the beach. Take it back to your hotel. Take it anywhere you want—that’s what takeout is for!

Stop in and grab one of our take out menus to see all the options available to you.  By the time you finish your meal you will understand why people say we are one of the tastiest and most reliable Avalon take out restaurants around. Best of all, we offer a hard-to-pass-up daily take-out special that includes two large red or white pizza pies for $21.99. And when it comes to Jersey Shore restaurants, that deal is hard to beat! Just do a quick search for “take out near me” in the local area and you won’t find a better deal for a gourmet pie.

So, stay right there at the beach, or stop on in afterward and bring your lunch or dinners to go back to your hotel. Just give us a call at 609-368-5505 and we’ll start cooking. We’ll provide the takeout so you can take the guesswork out of eating!

If you're looking for the best restaurant Avalon has to offer head to 7800 Dune Drive, Avalon NJ, 08202